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Beetles and pastoral care

Tonight, some of the folk who are working towards setting up a pastoral care team at Little paxton Church met at the Vicarage. We are CRB checked, enthusiastic and caring – and ready to go. Towards the end of the meeting, a bettle walked slowly across the heather coloured carpet and it took our attention for a while. A small, delicate  and hesitant little being, out of its natural environment. Someone picked it up and gently put it into the front garden.

I wonder, where do I feel most at home? I certainly feel edgy if I am out of my comfort zone. Feeling right with God can be important to us – doing and being what we feel He wants us to be and do. Maybe pastoral care has something to do with helping one another  to find where we  belong – both spiritually and emotionally.

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  1. In the context of the pastoral care meeting, I wonder if, when we saw the beetle we should have sung, ‘He loves you, yeah, yeah, yeah’. Didn’t think about it fast enough!

    Comment by Nick | May 14, 2009 | Reply

  2. Just to give another view.
    I sometimes call to mind C.S.Lewis’ ‘The Screwtape Letters’.
    In instructing his apprentice in the art of distracting those in prayer, Screwtape advocates the use of a bluebottle busying itself in the church flowers during a service.
    Not obviously the Devil at work but very effective.
    The earwig walking across the vicarage carpet certainly attracted our attention. Food for thought ?
    (with apologise to C.S.Lewis if I have miss quoted him)

    Comment by ken | May 16, 2009 | Reply

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