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Fly Me To The Moon

No way I would put myself forward for consideration as an astronaut. I think its good news that we have a British guy, Timothy Peake, who has been accepted by ESA into the astronaut corps. He hopes to be the first British man on the moon – an ambition that I dont share. Thats because I dont do well with heights or feeling enclosed in small spaces. Ive always had a bit of a downer on space travel because it costs so much and I tend to feel its money that could be spent good causes on this planet.

According to the Guardian on-line It will cost the British Government £18 million to sponsor Mr Peake (apologies if I have read that incorrectly).  It will take three and a half years to train him in Germany.  ” It involves exploring new boundaries” says Mr Peake.

Just think how many people could be helped to explore  new boundaries of self-esteem and achievement in this country  – or abroad ( not least those in deprived areas) with £18 – so, yes, when it comes to funding  flights into space, Im a party pooper … what does anyone else think?

I shall stick to the Song ” Fly Me To The Moon” – I rather like it and am gald a wedding couple on Saturday  in the Benefice are having it at the end of their service.

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