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Man O Pause!

A very hot wedding at Diddington  this afternoon – not sure why the heaters were on full blast but they were and boy was I hot during the first part of the service. This was a combination of my frequent hot flushes ( ladies of a certain age know all about this one) , the hot air coming from the convector heater, the emotion coming from the couple (  this all meant a great deal to them) and the photographer who was like a tiger in a cage moving with stealth amongst the pews to get the best shots. I am NOT getting into the rights and wrongs of photographers doing their thing at weddings – but I think he was as hot as me and I longed to tell him to slow down and sit still for a mo. Still after the vows  and rings had been most sincerely exchanged we cooled down a bit. A marvellous duet of musicians played for the service called Acolade –  sensitively done.

Im grateful that I’m not a bishop (not that this would be at all possible here) because wearing all those vestments would be too.much. I tend not to wear a chasuble for holy communion  for that very reason, though I do have to say the colours of these garments can be a splendid reminder of the symbolism of the church’s year.

Here I am in a chasuble that belongs to Great Paxton Church – I’m looking after it here as nothing stays dry in that great edifice.

vicar in green robe

So, church people reading this – do you like your clergy in vestments or do you prefer less ” tat” as some people naughtily call it?

Just made a ” viola theatre” same sort of thing as an auricula theatre – only violas – rather pretty in the back garden. Looking forward very much to the Open Gardens day in Little Paxton on June 21st.  Off to have some nice food and might just have a quick look a ” Britains Got Talent” .. sad, I know!

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