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May at its best – and depression.

Its simply glorious out in the garden – ask any white butterfly who is cruising the flowers first thing and it  ( he/she) will agree.

Ive met a few folk these last few days who are feeling depressed. Depression, clinicl or reactive to circumstances can be one of the hardest things to bear – not least if someone tells you to cheer up – the sun is shining. It doesnt work like that.  One thing that feeling depressed can lead you to thinking and feeling is: ” Whats the point in doing anything?”  Why get up and do – and indeed even getting up and doing the smallest thing can feel a huge effort.

For my part, I feel at my best when I link into a sense of life being one long creative dance with our creator. Too much reflection and analysis does my head in – so if I imagine myself as that butterfly dancing round the violas on a sunny morning, just  being – no other reason than just being what I am meant to be – I feel quite elated. To always have  “aims and objectives” means that inevitably when they are done and dusted we must have some more and on and on it goes. I must be sounding very Eastern in my reflections  – Mindfulness someone said to me last week ( I know it has Buddhist overtones) seems a very good psychological tool and focuses us on the present moment.

Goodnes me, that was deep for a Saturday morning! Deep in the undergrowth of some of my boarders  wildlife is teeming with energy. Maybe deep in the places of depression, new growth can come.


Off to church to pick up registers…. still havent finished them..

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  1. Certainly deep but very appropriate – for me at least. My sister’ who has been coping bravely with depression for some months and her family are flying to Denver today. They may be starting a new life in Colorado Springs so I pray that they find out all they need to on this trip and that the Lord will guide them and, whether they decide to move or not, that the future will be filled with hope. And I pray for a future with hope for everyone touched by depression.

    Comment by Nick | May 23, 2009 | Reply

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