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Can anyone help me?

I’m hooked right now on “Britian’s got Talent” on ITV …. gotta get back and watch it……


No, thats not a contestant on the above programme ( though at least one did look a bit like the above) its a bat – just like the one Ive just seen in the garden wooping about with joie de vivre ( is that spelt right??) I had to get out for some fresh after all the excitement of Simon Cowell and the semi-final hopefulls. No surpises by the way with the result – the Very Famous lady singer called Susan Boyle got through – she has millions of hits on U tube since singing in the  auditions and one of the judges tonight hailed her as the antedote to the world’s current ills… (?!)  no pressure then for this lady  who very few had heard of a few weeks ago. I think it must have taken some guts to stand on that stage and sing with international  messianic hopes  heaped upon her – not sure I like her voice actually…

Anyway, sorry if you never indulge in this reality TV stuff… its kinda relaxing after a long day at the  coalface of ministry. AND – wait for this – THIS IS MY GLORY FOR THE DAY – Dave Walker ( Yes, THE  Dave Walker who does the fab cartoons in the Church Times) has joined my TWITTER. How good is that??? And if you dont know what twitter is…. well, its sort of a very very shortened version  blogging. I need to take stock of all of this and lie down in a darkened room…. well, maybe I’ll keep the light on – the thoughts of those bats at Great Paxton Church on June 5th all night – do they really look like this??? But, remember, appearance is only skin deep and no doubt bats are highly attractive to eachother… surely…..

Bank Holiday… I might just squeeze in a few hours of relaxation….

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  1. Relax-that’s an order! Have a good B H. Mind you I’m working part of the day.

    Comment by Allrevedup | May 25, 2009 | Reply

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