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Damselflies are here again – and Diddington Church

Just noticed the first damselfly in the back garden – I think it is a:

commonblue damselfly

but I might be wrong….

Living so near to Paxton Pits, its great to have the benefit of the wildlife there creeping into the nearby gardens.  Only seen a couple so far – last summerthey visited the Vucarage garden in great numbers.

Talking of numbers, we were few at Diddington this morning for the family worship service – but there is something special about having a small gathering. Four ” grown-ups” and  12 year old Holly had a chat around Ascension and its  mean ing – I far prefer that syle of ” preaching” than standing in a pulpit and reading a prepared talk – still when there are 40 plus it is probably logistically easier.

Building work starts this week on Diddington church to provide a new toilet and kitchenette area. Hopefully this will give the ancient building a new lease of life. But Diddington does do something very special – it is open 24/7 and lots of people do come in for some peace and quiet.

diddington church

Next week, Sunday May 31st we have our Pentecost Songs of Praise with HC at Dddington at 10.00am – everyone is always made very welcome at Diddington.

Off to do a baptism at Great Paxton now – glad the weather is warm and sunny for the family. Similar work to introduce a new toilet and kitchenette area starts at GP church in July – not that I have a special agenda about toilets in

churches – never! toilet

Hope all paxtonvic blog readers are having a nice bank holiday….

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  1. Can’t help thinking that picture of a loo looks suspiciously similar to the picture St Alban’s Diocese are using to front their Mission section

    Comment by Phil Groom | May 25, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hi Phil,
    You obviously have a wicked sense of humour like are quite right about the graphic.. uncannily alike…..bog standard, multi-pupose drawing!

    thanks for appreciating my blog – are you a St Albans Diocese person?
    Have a nice day

    Comment by paxtonvic | May 25, 2009 | Reply

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