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Time out

I have had a bit of ” time off” today I suppose, but I actually feel quite guilty about it – now that is very silly and certainly the rural dean would have something to say about that… only, I am the rural dean and its hard to tell the part of me that keeps  working to stop and feel guilt free.

Sometimes I think it goes back to the time when women in some quarters were not regarded as suitable candidates for full time ordained vicardom – it was a long old struggle back in the early 80’s to bring in that change which allowed us to be deaconded and then priested. But I think I still have that sense that I have to prove myself and do a job as well as a male – or was it just that when i was young something like  a protestant  work ethic kicked in  from family values?  Mind you, my Grandad Bil, who had heavy Salvation Army influence in his younger days, would NEVER lift a finger on a sunday – used to amuse me as my Nan had to do all the cooking etc on the sabbath day.

Other times I just feel that if I take my eye off the proverbial  “ball” of parish life  I will get snowed under and important things wont get done or said. I hate letting people down.  Something there about expectations….

I shall have to ponder a bit more on the theme of time off – especially as I was thinking that it might be a good idea for clergy to be offered a day/s next year to consider the whole issue of staying well in body mind and spirit and avoiding burn-out. I have sent the idea upwards…..

Heres a nice relaxing picture of the sunsetting off the shores of Lindisfarne


And tonight I shall watch on TV a bit of ” Spring Watch” ( minus Bill Oddie who apparantly is coping with depression and having time out)  and then the second semi-final of… Britains Got Talent…..

back to routine tomorrow – whatever that is!

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  1. O.K RD- do not feel guilty about taking time out or wrath will descend from an adjacent deanery as you wake the ancient beast of Coton aka Amy the dog=-RD B

    Comment by Allrevedup | May 25, 2009 | Reply

    • Wrath!!! Oh no – not from the strange parts east of here known as Bourn….an unimaginably awful fate…. i must therefore take heed and watch as much ” Britain’s Got Talent” as possible – its the only way forward for me…..

      Comment by paxtonvic | May 25, 2009 | Reply

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