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New pyjamas – and Paxton Pits

Thing is, Heart FM and the Hunts Post  want to come and take a piccie of us who are going to sleep in Great Paxton Church all night on June 5th – in our pyjamas . Fair enough I suppose – but they had better be good ones. ( Pyjamas that is)

I went to do school assembly at GP school last week in pyjamas – just to get the kids  thinking about, well, the Sleep-Over and it did acually feel very odd being out in them. As if one isnt properly dressed and safe from a turbulent world.  How we dress says a lot about ourselves and how we want others to see us. I shall never forget the first time I wore a dog collar in a supermarket – got loads of stares and Im sure  some people find it hard to know what to say to a dog-collared person.  Should clergy wear them?  Whether or not I shall devise a way of wearing a collar and pyjamas Im not sure on June 5th…

Just had a lovely photo from one of our newer church members, Pauline, who went for a walk round the Pits yesterday with a very long standing member Faith. It was the first time Pauline had been round the Pits and was well impressed. Here’s Faith ready to sail  the Great River Ouse – glad you both had a lovely day….. Ship Ahoy!

Faith all aboad

Glad that Freinds of Paxton Pits can come to our Great Paxton Living  Water Festival  June 6-7th with their excellent display stands and birdy things…

Off to see my mother and then some more admin…..

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