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This really is how it was…..

“Pews only appeared at the end of the medieval period. Often pews had carved bench-ends and were carved with animal or foliage design

From the 1600s through the mid 1800s, Churchgoers of most denominations were seated in their houses of worship according to social rank, whether by assignment or purchase. This expressed a nearly universal Christian perception of social rank as part of a divinely ordered hierarchy of creation. The highest ranking pews were close to the pulpit, the lowest furthest from the pulpit. Private pews gave rise to the practice of numbering pews for easy record keeping”   from:

At Diddington Church tonight a lot of rotten old floor boarding, joists and bits of pews full of wordworm lie on the ground under the eaves of the south wall of the chancel. Thank goodness the DAC in its wisdom agreed to the north aisle being cleared for a meeting area. So much, unseen, has been found to be rotten and wood worm has no place in  a church building. Yes, it looks pretty dishevelled for Pentecost, but the Holy Spirit has this habit of turning things upside down……

pews before removal

Before….looking okay -but  underneath the floor was rotten.

Keep watching for the new space and possibilities being created…

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