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plastic bags

If I didnt know better, I would think they breed on the mat inside the door – those bags which seem to come through the door very frequently asking for unwanted clothes. Three have come this morning : Sye Ryder Care, Help The Aged and Barnados – all very reputable charities unlike some of the bags which seem a bit more dubious. Why this sudden explosion of collecting for clothes?

It might be because charities are suffering from the recession and are needing to find other sources of income – Ive noticed all the charity shops in town are asking with big notices in their shop fronts for unwanted goods. Trouble is, there is a limit to how many clothes you can give away – but then again some of them also ask for CD’s, household items and  ornaments – anything really apart from electrical stuff. Im all for recycling – think its  essential – but I feel sorry for the unwanted item war that seems to be on now between charities. I guess that less people now are giving things away or perhaps now try to sell them for cash at car boots/e-bay  etc rather than giving  them away. Hard times for a lot of people – not least the charities…


Off to Great Paxton to find some action….

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