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Taking care in the blogsphere

As with many aspects of life, we need to take care and Ive realised thats the case with this blog. Over night some unpleasant web-site had found its way into the blog through searching for articles on the Japanese Festival I reported on earlier in the week and picking up a word which means ” no clothes on” they found this site and put inappropriate comments on. Fortunately, there is a system on wordpress that blocks such comments from becomming live so I was able to delete them and all is well. It reminds me that in a beautiful world, there is so much that is around looking to spoil. I will be extra careful in future not to include any words which might lead to being picked up in search engines by  inappropriate individuals/groups. I often reflect how clever and creative the internet is – as with all good things there can be a down side and I for one need to be vigilant with a site like this that is public.

Apart from that in my little world, the sun is shining, the garden is outragiously beautiful, Im waiting for an important e-mail from one of our buidling contractors  and a bit later I will go with Mike to set up my mums new little digital TV in her nursing home room – fingers crossed it will work.

At some point I will blog about old age and care homes… old mum often feels that she has ” had enough” – but on she goes towards her 86th birthday.


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