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Out and about in Cambridge

Saw it all in the space of an hour – the sublime to the rediculous – to use a turn of phrase.

I went with son Michael into Cambridge, courtesy of Park and Ride, and having met up with his girlfriend and having had a nice plate of sarnies at a little cafe overlooking The Round Church, they went off  one way and I went off another way. When it comes to cities, for me it’s  a bit like dipping my toe into the water of a swiming pool. I find any city so busy and hot and noisy compared to a  village, that I take time to adjust to where I am.

Down Bridge Steet I went, found the river, thought it was too busy to go any further down that street and walked back – soon finding a group of people snapping away at a phenomenon – a man inside a big council waste bin playing the guitar and singing with only the end of the fret board and one hand showing. It looked so surreal – but he could certainly sing. Its given me ideas for fund raising though – an all night refuse bin sing-a-long??

Off I went in another direction and was blessed to stumble across Michaelhouse – at last! Id always wanted to see it…

michael house

Heres a bit of info about this wonderful adaptation of an ancient building…

“St Michael’s Church is a Ministry of the Parish of St Mary the Great with St Michael, Cambridge. The Michaelhouse Centre, situated in St Michael’s Church, opened in 2002 as a unique Community resource in the City Centre.  It is a place of beauty and tranquillity offering affordable meeting space for groups in an accessible venue.  It comprises a modern and well-equipped café, meeting rooms for hire, display/exhibition space, performance space and the medieval Hervey de Stanton Chapel, set aside for meditation and prayer.”

It’s perfect to my thinking – a conversion of a church building to truly serve the surrounding community and offer also precious peace in the chancel. So glad I found it – and the loos are great!

Next stop was Great St Mary’s – a Norwegian choir were practising for Evensong tomorrow  certainly their singing had a lovely tonal quality. There were also sensory displays about the Holy Spirit and if Id had more time I would have sat down and made a wind mill or a dove.

Great St Mary's

There was a guy in the street playing the violin on a tightrope, some Iraqi men in suits stopping the public with some sort of questionaiire, a demonsration with a Chinese theme and just such a cosmopolitan ambience – ist easy to forget living in a village how broad and diverse the world is. Two ice creams and a journey home – and i have to admit now to waiting for the final results of Britains Got Talent. I think the guy playing the guitar in the dust bin shouldhave entered!

Bought myself a digital camera now so that I can take piccies for blog…. first I have to discern how it works.

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  1. Michaelhouse is my favouriteplace for coffee in Cambridge.

    Suggest you make your pictures smaller electronically so they do not take so long to load.

    Comment by Peter Hagger | June 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hi there – thanks for the comment. I dont suppose the superb adaptation of Michaelhouse would suit all country churches, but its so inspirational……

    Yes, I havent got the photo thing quite right yet. I must say that when I access the site and look at the blog all the pictures come up very quickly – maybe because Im on BT broadband. But, I think its better to have some of them smaller. Hope getting used to LP again isnt too hard!

    Comment by paxtonvic | June 2, 2009 | Reply

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