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Rambling Rector

No, not me, but the name of a delicate small white rose which is growing near to the veggie patch….. the roses are just coming out today:

rambling rector

I find it hard to describe a scent in words… it just is lovely.

Garden getting very dry – I wonder if we will end up having a hose pipe ban this summer?

Stayed cool doing admin and…… have finished my tax return. That’s not showing off – and its only preparing stuff to go to my accountant – but its an annual pain in the neck and I always feel good when I’ve done it. Someone once said that writing a cheque is a theological statement…. I do think how we nurtue and use our money benefits from a Christian take on it – though if we took that seriously I guess we would be sharing it round a lot more… thats another topic.

Heres a few thoughts from John Ruskin ( 1819-1900) a British author, poet, social thinker and artist. His essays on art and architecture were extremely influential in Victorian times.

” You have heard it said that flowers only flourish in the garden of someone who loves them. I know you would like that to be true;and I would think it a pleasant magic if you could flush your flowers into a  brighter bloom by a kind look upon them”

Im all for a bit of tree hugging myself…

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