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Getting things into perspective with some toast and sunlight

Do like my toast first thing….. getting up early really does give you a unique view of a world quietly poised for the working day- and a quality of  sunlight only seen first thing. It can also help to get things into perspective.

Here are some early morning violas

early morning pansies

I discovered last night that on this digital camera, there are a multitude of functions and buttons, all designed to take sharp pictures successfully. There is a setting for  beginners and I’m happy with that at the moment. But, I think with know how it would be possible to take sharper shots and get better perspective.

Seeing things as they really are – now wouldnt that be a gift? If only we had a button we could press within us – and hey presto we understand everything with perfect clarity – not least why there is suffering in abundance on our planet earth.  I feel Im still functioning in beginners mode –  there’s so much I dont understand  –  but I often find the natural world often gives me some good clues – God’s signposts to his truth and beauty.

heres a little poem by Christina Rossetti:

The Caterpillar

Brown and furry

Caterpillar in a hurry,

Take your walk

To the shady leaf or stalk

Or what not,

Which may be your chosen spot.

No toad spy you

Hovering bird of prey pass by you:

Spin and die

To live again a butterfly.

have a good day paxtonvic blog readers – no doubt be back later.

‘Special hello to Barabara and Ted in Worthing if they pop on this morning!

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