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Coming to light

Today, unexpectedly, some of our parish records came to light… let’s just say they had been kept safe, but in the wrong place.

Naturally Im glad they have been found and most of them will end up in the Record Office before long – but they do make fascinating reading. An old banns book dating back to the late 1880’s – the first entry:

April 7th 1889 – The banns of marriage were published betweem

George William Parrott, bachelor of the parish of Hail Weston and Elizabeth Jane Ashford, spinster of this parish ( ie Little paxton)

I wonder what sort of life they lead? I wonder how long they were together? Do they have descendants living locally?

banns register

I was initially surprised how few banns were read each year in these last years of the 19th century – maybe one or two a year – but of course, Little Paxton was a very small village in those days. Its over 3,000 now and rising with the new development building built on Mill Lane.

I find is exciting when old material comes to light, putting a bit of flesh onto the past and giving us little glimpses of the lives of our forebears. It can also be disconcerting but valuable for us in our emotional and spiritual growth when we discover things about ourselves that maybe we have unconsiously kept hidden. There is a powerful prayer at the beginning  of the Common Worship Communion Service ” Almighty God, unto whom all hearts be open, all desires known and from whom no secrets are hidden” ….. some of us say that quite often – do we really take it on board?

Ive just a feeling that after so much has come to light regarding the behind the scenes activities of some of our politicians and with the Euro and local election tomorrow, there are going to be some profound changes in Government -I might be wrong – tomorrow will be interesting…

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