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Where in earth is it No:2

At last, Ive found out the answer to a previous question posed on my blog about a mysterious very large sweet smelling shrub which has got amazingly tall. Here it is – a new shot on a less sunny day:


Its called Crambe Cordifolia – flowering sea kale or heart leaved cole-wart – guess you knew that anyway. Thanks to Wingy for solving the mystery, though Wingy does think its other name is Swiss Chard which i dont quite agree with. Here’s a bit about the magnificant Cordifolia:

Billowing clouds of tiny, white flowers float above huge rosettes of deeply cut dark green leaves in June and July. A favourite plant of Edwardian garden designer Gertrude Jekyll, this perennial looks magnificent at the back of a sunny border or as part of a cottage garden scheme. The tiny flowers, attractive to bees, are a perfect foil for large-flowered plants. The leaves smell strongly of cabbage and the plant needs space to spread out.

Now we know – every garden should have one – if you have the room.

So, are you going to vote tomorrow? Many commentators seem  to think that turn-outs are going to be very low ( for obvious reasons) but I still think having got the right to vote now we should exercise that right. But how choose who to vote for – especially  in the European Elections. There is a long list of candidates for our area – and don’t forget we are voting for a party and not individuals – and some of them are putting leaflets thorugh our doors right now. I reckon that our understanding of what all these parties stand for and the whole world of Euro politics is beyond many of us – I include myself in that. So, maybe those who do vote will just go with the party we usually support ( if we have one that is)

Wonder if as a result of all this expenses scandal, there will be a fundamental chnage in how politicians and governments work. Need something  to get public confidence back…..

The small things in life still matter – plumber has come to stop a tap dripping – he’s singing away with not a care in the world and theres a lot of noise coming from the downstairs closet where the leak is.

two holerOne day, I hope the Diocese will upgrade the facilities on the ground floor, though…

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