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Out with the old….

Time to make mention of Diddington church again where the re-ordering project is well underway.

I love this picture of Dave D who has been assisting the main contractor with some of the labouring work – here he is, a soliatry figure, attending to a radiator in the north aisle. Dave and his wife have given hours over the past years looking after the fabric and I think he approaches his work with a prayerful attitude.

dave D at work in diddington june 09

The pews have been removed and rotten old floor boarding underneath has been taken up. The north aisle floor will need to be retiled, some of the pews re-sited along the wall and some in the south aisle. It will be our new meeting area.

rotten pew at diddington june 09 Pews can look good from above, but underneath can be a tad rotten…

By contrast, the stunning Flemish glass in the south aisle:

flemish glass in south aisle june 09 diddington

We hope the project will be completed by the end of July – and then there will be far more scope as to the type of events we can offer in church with the new facilities.

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  2. It’s interesting to see whats happening in Diddington church. I wish parishioners would be more sympathetic to even daring to mention the subject of taking out 19th. century pews especially when so many of them have very little or even no aesthetic or architectural value. It seems a shame you’ve got to put them around the wall, from what I saw of them in a previous photo, have a good bonfire.
    Our church re-ordered the Chancel about 10/12 years ago. We took out the front row of choir stalls and the reading desk along the back of them that formed the book rest for the back row of choir stall (are you still with me?) and left the back row on each side in situ. What we now have is a wide open chancel with a row of 4 misericord type seats on either side and a moveable nave altar. The altar can be moved back and forwards for; public worship in the nave (forward on chancel step) and backwards toward the high altar for ‘circular’ masses. These are great,they are so intimate, and, come the time for distribution we form a circle around the altar and communicate to each other circling The Lords table of bounty.
    The removed nave altar also provides a good space for concerts and of course the school nativity play.
    I’m a great believer in worship space being adaptable and user friendly.
    If anyone out there is facing this type of dilema in your churches or PCC’s the only advise I would give is; try to look a half a yard further than the boundary of your mind set at the moment, and, think what could be acheived by having the courage to take a small risk that may alienate you, but that you know would make your church a better or different place for worship in the 21st. century.
    God will help.

    Comment by Wingy | June 10, 2009 | Reply

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