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Good debate on re-ordering

In a bit of a hurry now, but thanks to Wingy for comments on my recent entry about Diddington and church re-ordering – do read Wingy’s comments if you have a moment. Had a standing committee meeting this morning at Little PAxton, considering our Church For Tomorrow Project CHUFT – we are looking forward to a DAC  ( Diocesan Advisory Committee)  visit in July to advise once more on radical proposals  to take out pews and replace with flexible seating…. Wingy’s point about planning for future generations is so important….. do visit later for news of who was on the doorstep of the vicarage early this morning…. we know how to live here!

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  1. hi mum i like all the pictures! i am really impressed, you should try and make them a bit bigger if you can! i love how insightful your posts are into your thoughts and your finds, interesting stuff :] nice work see you soon bloggy bear xx

    Comment by del | June 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. Hi Adele – lovely to get your comment – and thanks for the good feedback. This has grown and grown over the last few weeks – and Im glad people are liking it.
    Someone said that the pictures would benefit from being a bit smaller as they took a while to download and others say have them bigger.. I think I will keep them as they are.
    See you soon – mummy blogger xxx

    Comment by paxtonvic | June 10, 2009 | Reply

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