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Thanks to Wingy – a bit about Wimbotsham Church

First of all, some of you may not know where Wimbotsham is. It is in the Deanery of Fincham and Feltwell which  within the Diocese of Ely is positioned thus – right in the far north east of the Diocese.

finshcam and feltwell

Wimbotsham is a small village within the Borough of Kings Lynn and West Norfolk, with an approximate population of 500 adults plus children. It is 2 km north of the town of Downham Market.

I was gazing down at the Ely Diocesan Prayer Calendar this morning during HC at Little Paxton and read, by chance, the prayer request for June 13th for Wimbotsham –  I quote ” An interegnum of 5 years this summer. Deanery Plan reducing 10 men to 5 – no Rural Dean, a high proportion of Resolution parishes ( ie no women priests welcome) within the Deanery. What make the people in the Bardolph Group carry on- THEIR FAITH”  The bold letters are in the prayer request.

Which  explains some of Wingy’s comments on this blog about them having no RD, Vicar etc – and there was me going on about our RD, a deanery with no vacancies and a Deanery Plan ( well, let’s say its under discussion)

So, Wingy and friends, I do hope things get better and maybe the Resoulation issue might ease a bit? It does limit your options I guess if only men are allowed to serve in some of the parishes. Anway, the good news is that creative  things are happening in Wimbotsham and here are some pictures from their Pentecost Praise Service – talk about vibrancy and colour!

Pentecost 09  at Wimbotsham

Pentecost 09 - wimbotsham

Love the banners etc – and it sounds from what Wingy says that it was a very happy occasion :

The service took the form of a non mass family service. We discussed Acts 1 ch 2 ….we then broke up into groups and discussed St Pauls Gifts of the Spirit, ending up with people having a gift identified for them by someone else….. clever or what???? We then choose a fruit, put the ‘gift’ onto it and built a Pentecost Wall Of Gifts and dedicated them to God. It was an excellent service though I say so myself ….

Good things do happen during interregnum but Im sure we all pray that soon there is some resolution to the staffing issues in the group – and that a RD is found as well – they have their uses!

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  1. Oh! fame at last. How wonderful it feels to bathe in its warm glow.
    Yes, life has been pretty unsteady in these group of parishes for some time.
    I should add that only 3 of the total of 32 parishes that make up this Deanery are ‘Resolution’,(and whatever way you approach it, they appear to have the loudest voices!!). The real problem starts when you have to reduce 10 stipendiary posts in the Deanery to 5.
    We have to do this because in this age of ‘pay your way’ thats all we can afford.(and only just at that)
    Still, our little group of 4 parishes soldiers on. God has blessed us with a brilliant band of untrained, unordained totally Motivated by The Spirit people who work extremely hard to promote the Good News of The Kingdom. Whilst we may not have ‘A Shepherd’ to lead us, we certainly enjoy our exciting journey of faith together in whatever direction God takes us.
    The Deanery is just releasing Plan 23 (or somethig) to the Parishes for their consent. For those of you who read this blog and know absolutely nothing of C of E party politics what this means is that this Deanery is grouping 32 rural Norfolk parishes that previously used to have 10 Vicars and we have to sort them into a new grouping with 5 Vicars. That means, some of the groupings could be up to 12 individual parishes so that 1 Vicar can minister to them.
    Thats not an easy task in itself, but add to this complicated situation 3 very millitant parishes that have voted not accept a female Minister, things then get really busy. “Oh Lord the works of your hands are a manifold mystery to us mere mortals”!!!!
    Anyway enough of this boredom, this ‘Plan’ as we call it, has already taken 5 years to get this far, and, pray God, lets hope it is acceptible to all????? please!
    Its nice to know that Wimbotsham will be remembered in the Diocesan Prayer callendar on Saturday, thank you all in advance for your prayers.
    ‘Pentecost Praise’ was Brillilicious, we all had a ball.
    If anyone dares, ask me about our Fresh Expressions of Church; I can bore you for hours about this!!
    Love this Blog; its so unstuffy and friendly.

    Comment by Wingy | June 11, 2009 | Reply

  2. I’ve just realised.
    We will be prayed for by the whole of the Ely Diocesan Synod that meets this Saturday.

    Its the Ely Diocesan Finance Liason Committee meeting this evening, Urghhhhh!! that reminds me; I must brush up on my arithmetic equations and “7 times tables” today!

    Comment by Wingy | June 11, 2009 | Reply

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