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Tree fellas

Right, now for the excitement. Early in the  morning some tree fellers/fellas arrived on the doorstep to take down  some trees on the land beyond the vicarage – looking at his letter of instruction, he said that the work was ordered in 2003!!! Okay – better late than never. Since we have been here, a view out of the back window was dominated by dead elms – and in winter this was particularly gloomy. So….. with no warning, here were these guys ready with their chain saws. So, here is  what it was like before….

garden with trees - june 10th 09

And here are the men at work…

man with ladder cutting trees

And here is the view after the work was completed:

garden without trees june 09 Its made a big difference to the whole feel of the garden.

I promised I would post a picture on here of two of the guys who did the work – one of them is called Terry and a big thank you to them for doing a fantastic job on behalf of Lafarge who own the land at the back.

men at workAnd you won’t be surprised for me to reflect that what a difference it can make to remove clutter from your garden – or from your church! There is a whole new light atmosphere in the garden now. BUT often that which needs to be moved on can be recyled – the cut down branches and ivy leaves will remain on the ground and will be a wonderful haven for wildlife. AND the guys made sure there were no birds nests in the trees they cut down. Its a win win!  And finally, a plug for the Little Paxton Open Gardens Day on June 21st – including the Vicarage Garden from 12 noon onwards. I have a feeling I will be mentioning a lot more about that soon…

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