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” Aaron” , Goliath and an old building

Aaron is the name of a poem by the 17th century poet-priest George Herbert in his collection called ” The Temple” 1633

I  will just quote one verse now  ( but a quick search on Google will find the whole of the text) .

” Christ is my onely head,

My alone onely heart and breast;

My onely musick, striking me ev’n dead;

That to the old man I may rest,

And be in him new drest” .

An alternative view, in beautiful quaint 17th century language,  to the “Invictus” poem I posted earlier this morning-  where with  immense bravery, the writer finds strength in his own abilities and inner resources.

Saw a totally chilled black cat today in Eaton Ford ( a part of St Neots) lounging in an old flower bed in the sun – without a care in the  world. For two pins I would have joined him/her but there were jobs to be done…

Found out that in the early twentieth  century, a male in a house in Eaton Ford was actually called Goliath ( as was his son) . In a little two up, one down this chap so named lived with his wife, and eight children ( talk about over crowding) – he was a chair bottomer – maybe made chairs bottoms??? Amazing what you find out reading  historical findings  of the Eatons History Group.

My Mum is a resident in the 500 year old Ford House, now a nursing home in Eaton Ford.  Her room comes comeplete with black beams and slopping  floor( not sure that is spelt right)  – just as well she doesnt walk anywhere on her own!

In 1799 ( for those of you who like a bit of local history) Ford House was called ” The Mansion House” and was owned by a Mr George Gorham who set up St Neots’ Bank in Market Square. In the 1850’s/60’s it was a boys Boarding School. From 1890-1920’s it was owned by the Addington family and they installed wooden panelling from Netherstead Priory -a derelict buidling near to Colmworth.   It gives the downstairs of the building a rather heavy feel to it – though  I guess many older properties were graced with oak panels on their walls.

Ford House

Ford House in Eaton Ford

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