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Hot and steamy day

There is something irresitable about steam trains – and model steam trains are nearly as good as the real thing. So, it was a pleasure to go to a Gauge One model railway display in Little Paxton at the home of Pauline and David who recently moved to the village.

Incase there is anyone interested in the fine detail of the railway, here’s a bit of info:

” All are reasonable accurate 10mm to the foot scale models of full size loco’s. Best described as ” kerbside” rather than ” mantelpiece”, all are shown in LNER livery as they would have been in 1933, the imagined date of the layout.  All the models except one are driven by electric motors – the exception is the Robinson 4 6 2 tank engine which is a live steam model, using methylated spirit as a heat source.

And here is the train than runs on ” meths” .

stoking up

The display has stations, one in the garage which is called Rosedale Abbey – a village in Rose Dale, Yorkshire. There was once a proposal to build a light railway from Rosedale Abbey to connect with the NER Helmsley branch – but it was never built. So, the scene in the garage imagines a project that was never built in real life – but here it is, even with old iron ore mines:

garage mine

Full steam ahead.

model railway trains Finally, no English scene would be complete withut one of these: St Michaels:

model railway church

A wedding is taking place – and we actually had bells  from the tower (recorded from Somersham Church!) ringing as the bride arrives/leaves   (not sure about the rambo looking vicar!)

model railway wedding

What’s the fascination with model railways/railways  and Vicars?

Here is one persons take on it:

trains are:

—easily controllable

— they don’t answer back

— you are totally, unquestionably, the ruler.

In contrast to parish life??!!

I was struck yet again by how many voluntary hours people give up in our churches up and down the country to entertain, raise money and help to make us all feel a lot better  and get to know each other in an informal way. Pauline and David’s efforts, along with a team of helpers raised £358.51 – every penny counts!

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