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New every morning is the love….

Is a hymn which was in my mind when I woke up this morning.

Every new day can feel like this –  full of potential – how shall we respond to the opportunities given to us?

Garden full of poppies just waiting to go pop … feel a bit like that this morning – though must pace myself as I will be flopping by dinner time. Two Eucharists to do – one at Little Paxton and one at Diddington.

poppy two

Breakfast in the garden listening to the radio and thinking about the troubles in Iran after the elections. Ive always tended to stay clear of making comments about political issues – really thought that our PM would be going after last elections but am wrong on that count. Despite the mess from the expenses saga etc I still think we are lucky to live in the UK with  our democratic system.

Heres a prayer for this  morning:

Holy Father, give us a spirit of contentment and peace, that we may enjoy who we are and what we have.

Help us not only to appreciate what you have given to us, but to be gracious and generous to others

May the world’s goods be neither hoarded nor squandered but used for the benefit of all

Through Jesus Christ Our Lord. Amen.

( From Traces of Glory – David Adam)

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