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Church wardens

Looking forward to joining our church wardens this evening at the annual Archdeacon’s Visitation.  Church wardens have a long and noble record of service to their church communities, although some of the jobs they had to do in olden days they might not appreciate now.

From the church wardens accounts of Hartley in Kent:

Paid for sparrows two shillings

for hedgehogs seven pence

for fox’s head two shillings

for ale and wyne

for hoyle oyle

for two pennyworth of thread for the surplisse

paid the minister two shillings and sixpense for his dinner.

The last item reveals that the Rector was formerly, at any rate in this parish, re-imbursed the cost of his mid-day meal on the occasion of his annual journey to Rochester for the visitaiton…

I doubt I  shall be claiming the same – it should only take me 15 minutes to get to Buckden!

Finally from the same records:

Paid for 2 thanksgivings for the glorious victory of
Lord Nelson over the French fleet. Thanksgiving for
the victory of Marquis Wellington in Spain.”
” Two forms of prayer for the preservation of his
Majesty being shot at.”


” Wine bestowed upon the bushopp, 3s 1d. Four
bottles of common wine when ‘the Archdeacon came to
view the church !”

Note sure that happens either today!

I love history – helps to keep things in perspective!

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