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For a moment, I thought Leonardo Dicaprio was reading paxtonvic

First thing in the morning is never my most lucid time, so for a moment reading the comments on the Toyota Prius entry, I thought Leonardo himself – and even Goerge Cluney- had logged onto paxtonvic – but no such luck – I think the article occasioned something called”pingbacks” – not sure what they are but must be automatically generated?  Dreamt I was cycling round the village on a three wheeler bike ( must have been the one on sale at the railway display yesterday!) Surely the best answer to travel and the ecology debate – runs purely on human energy.

Radio 4 greeted me just now ( and no doubt millions of listeners) with swine ‘flu updates and its possible gathering of momentum and efficacy in this country, let alone globally, in the autumn. Still have to remember that many do get very poorly and die from ‘flu every year, but its the severity of it should the virus mutate that pressed all the worry buttons.

The Church Hierarchy are keeping a close eye on the situation  and how parishes should respond if this happens – lets hope and pray it is contained.

Self  discipline, now, no more blogging until Ive finished material for our parish mag – the 3 in 1. Heres a piccie to cheer up the girls this morning:


Might get another ping-back – you never know!!

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