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Yes, the famous  village  the disciples were heading to when they met with the Risen Lord. But, it is also the name of the international charity founded by Abbe Pierre, a Catholic priest, in 1949 who wanted to  provide a place where homeless people could find safety and a sense of self-worth by living and working together.

His vision for working, self-supporting secular Communities became a reaity and in 1990 Emmaus Cambridge was the first community to be opened in the UK. The Cambridge Emmaus is now fully self-supporting through the hard work of the companions – the name give to those in the community- and the staff.

Basically, the organisation collects, refurbishes and sells furniture and other household goods no longer needed by their owners. It even now helps other organisations dealing with homelessness and poverty, including the Cambridge foodbank. It also offers goods to peple on benefits at reduced rates – so fulfilling Abbe Pierre’s aim ” To serve the most needy before ourselves” .

I have been there loads of time – and always come away with something I didnt know I needed! The best buy so far is a really comfy sofa with is in my sitting room. But the idea of giving both unwanted goods and  people who may have fallen on hard times a new purpose in life seems admirable to me.

Long may Emmaus flourish! If you have never visited, why not take a drive out and see whats on offer – and the refreshments in the cafe are excellent too. The community is situated  at Landbeach  just off the A10 about 3 miles north of the Milton junction of the A14. If you have goods to donate, call 01223 863657 – they also deliver things that customers buy.

emmaus one

emmaus two

Chairs waiting for a new home…

I couldnt help thinking of people who are homeless and are seeking refuge in this country. I was talking at the church wardens visiation last night at Buckden  to a friend who had recently travlled under the Euro Tunnel by train. During the journey, the train had been stopped by police because people from Somalia had been found climbing onto the roof trying to gain access to this country by such a dangerous means. Apart from the fact that is so dangerous, its a reminder how desperate some people are to find a safe haven  here.  Some may be quick to condemn the numbers of people seeking asylum and newspaper reports tell of the mess the immigration system is in – but we who are so comfortable in our homes may like to have a thought for people who have no where safe to live.

And all I could do this morning was grump about having to keep windows open….By the way, when I chatted with the Community Support officers this morning, they didnt seem to have too much sympathy for residents who leave  windows open. Although I suppose its a minor irritation really, what a sad old world it is when we have to be so cautious. I wonder what lies at the heart of the burglars’ motivation?

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