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Morning Grump

Wouldnt usually pour out a grump on here, but I am very grumpy having heard about the spate of burglaries in our area. Im very sorry for the folk who have been burgled and now as the police are saying, we need to be even more vigilant about leaving any windows and doors open when we are out ( or in )

I absolutely  hate not leaving windows open – windows let in nice cool air and light and psychologically for me they represent a ” window” to the world – letting the outside world come in and interact with me. But now apparantly, these current burglars can get in through even small windows (goodness knows how).  ” They” are probably keeping a watch on who is in and who is out which I find even more invasive. So Im grumpy. We have a very good  neighbour  who has been letting people know about the police advice – but her take on it   is that the thieves are stealing to sell stuff on to raise money for drugs. Maybe. I tend to be rather soft on criminals  ( they must have had bad upbringings etc) but now I just feel angry. It’s not for me just about loss of material possessions distressing as that can be. It’s about invasion of ones privacy and sense of safety.

Okay, ’nuff of a moan – here’s the CAMBS police web-site with positive advice about crime prevention – all sensible stuff. Apparantly, a thief can get through any wndow as long as its the bigger than the size of a head.

I read also that bloggers and twitters  should also be careful about saying if they are going out and only write about stuff after it has happened ( if  it has involved going out)   Good point which I shall try and stick to.  And obviously clergy can have a role in being alongside people who have suffered the trauma of burglary…


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