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One of my favourite blogs  comes not from a cleric, but a mouse. Yes,  the churchmouse  no less. ( assuming he isnt a cleric – but then you never know!!)

He is a very perceptive commentator on   C of E matters – serious but also quite funny at times. He   is also rather shy, and as he   cant talk, he blogs.


Here is Church Mouse’s blog address: and I have churchmouse’s permission to include his  thoughts from today’s blog  on the top ten themes that the press like  for church related reporting:

So, here’s the Mouse’s guide to the top 5 news-worthy church stories:

1. (Arch)Bishop says … – stories where a Bishop or Archbishop says something controversial on a topical issue. Best deployed by the media when taking comments out of context. Specialist: Michael Nasir-Ali
2. Anglican Communion on the brink of collapse – best deployed at a major meeting of Bishops / Primates or in relation to any news story in the church on the topic of sexuality
3. Decline in number of people attending church / projections of which religious groupings will overtake good old CofE worshipers by which date – best deployed inaccurately, as there are no reliable statistics on church attendance.
4. Church does something different to reach out to the young (or other groups) – best deployed with subtle mocking overtones, often in conjunction with story 3.
5. Christian sacked / disciplined by their employer for doing or saying something Christian at work. Best deployed when the employer is a big name company or public service.

Mouse also writes in his profile: “What interests the Mouse most is how badly people in church are able to relate to people outside church. Being a mouse, he notices these things”

I tend to agree mouse – but how can we really make things better? And where are the lines drawn, if we have to draw them at all, between those “”inside” and those ” outside”?  I  feel uneasy with the division..

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