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Faith in Maintenance

Very useful meeting yesterday at Ely – Rural Deans, Lay Chairs of Deaneries and our Archdeacon Hugh McCurdy. We were blessed by having the new Diocesan Children’s Officer join us – Julia Chamberlin – who comes to this area of Diocesan work like a breath of fresh air.  After hearing from her, we took a look a various Diocesan matters – the Swine Flu topic was aired ( a paper is being developed by the Diocese with advice about how to cope if an outbreak hits us locally ) and we toosed around issues like heating in churches and finance. We were  rewarded greatly for being there with some delicious sandwiches … and a DVD called ” Faith in Maintenance” produced by SPAB – The Society for The Protection of Ancient Buildings” . Yawn you might be saying – BUT its actually really interesting and gives some practical tips for looking after your building.

Now I have to admit to some memory loss – ‘cos Im not sure whether we were given the DVD at the churchwardens visitation at Buckden on Monday night – or at Ely yesterday! No matter – its a good video – and if I have at all wetted your appitite about church fabric, then go to SPAB’s maintaning your building web-site :

historic_buildings_need_you_small SPAB’s poster – I think that might be William Morris in the design? Here are some William Morris words:

” Stave off decay by daily care” – which applies as much to our bodies as church fabric!!

Enjoy your buildings – its easy to see them as a burden and drain on resources but with a bit of imagination, faith and courage they really can be an asset.

stones at gp

Ancient stones at Holy Trinity Church, Great Paxton


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