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Time to ‘fess up and good news on the grant front

Well, I managed to nearly convince the kids at Great Paxton School that Sven turned up yesterday at the Open Gardens – but I really thought I should be honest with them at the end – and blog readers too, so…..

” Sven” is really called Derek ( obvious  when you think about it!) and a very nice chap who is doing very well by being a  dead ringer for the real article -he has raised loads of cash for charities as well as entertaining a lot of people. If you want to find out more  about Derek and his double life you can read all about him on :

AND even more honoured, I find “Sven” has commented on our open garden day!! ( see below) Thankyou very much..


So, that was enough excitement for one day…… somehow I got from Sven look-a-likes to asking the children at assembly today what they thought God was like?

Here were some of the replies:

flowing; mysterious ; love; shiny gold; like the wind; kind; ghost-like…… I managed to steer them towards thinking about Jesus  and how he points the way towards what God is like. My earliest memories are of likening God to the old preist we had at St Clements Church in Boscombe, Bournemouth ( A Rev Cochrane I think his name was)  To me he was a very old man with a beard who used to disappear behind a cloud of smoke and a big screen for most of the service. Unapproachable and stern. Woe betide if I fidgeted in church. Which always reminds me that for very small children how they see the vicar might colour their early impressions of church and  God for a very long time.

Meanwhile, great news that both Great Paxton Church and Diddington Church secured grants today from the National Churches Trust in London. I was soooo relieved as especially  with Great Paxton’s re-ordering project, we were several thousand short. I think we are still c £8,000 short of our target of £84,000  at GP – but thats not bad. I will sleep better tonight as I had really been worrying about it.

Tonight in Little Paxton our study group meets with a new theme for the group – looking at other faiths. I’m keen to go as when I was at Birmingham Uni studying theology ( early 70’s – seems ages ago now) I was very interested in  interfaith stuff – its even more important now I think with the massive potential for interfaith conflict.

Here’s a lovely sufi prayer from Islamic  mystical tradition:

“Send Thy peace, O Lord, which is perfect and everlasting, that our souls may radiate peace. Send Thy peace, O Lord, that we may think, act, and speak harmoniously. Send Thy peace, O Lord, that we may be contented and thankful for Thy bountiful gifts. Send Thy peace, O Lord, that amidst our worldly strife we may enjoy thy bliss. Send Thy peace, O Lord, that we may endure all, tolerate all in the thought of thy grace and mercy. Send Thy peace, O Lord, that our lives may become a divine vision, and in Thy light all darkness may vanish. Send Thy peace, O Lord, our Father and Mother, that we Thy children on earth may all unite in one family. Amen.”

There is debate about whether Sufism falls within the sphere of Islam or not – if you want to read more about it Wikipedia has a good article on it.

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  1. What a wonderful day and a great result in terms of community interaction and fund raising.
    Well.., err: It was a great pleasure to meet the Vicar of Dib…., err, Paxton and it’s not every day that a glamorous reverand replaces “Nancy” in “Sven’s” affection!
    Derek / “Sven”

    Comment by Svenalike | June 22, 2009 | Reply

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