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Poppy potential

Time for a bit of a chill after a busy day – so I shall indulge myself with poppy thoughts – hope you like them too.

poppy flower

Here is a photo of the flourishing unusual poppy that  has appeared this year in both front and back gardens at the vicarage. It was the most remarked upon flower when people arrived here for the open gardens on sunday.  Now, I’m assuming it is  a poppy – although it could be  mistaken in this photo for a carnation. But the seed heads surely make it a from the papaver family.

poppy head

Poppy? Got to be. Can’t find it anywhere on poppy internet sites – has anyone seen one before?

Poppies have a beautiful way of storing and then distributing seed. The seed head dries from a green colour to a pale brown and, when it is dry, the top edge of the side wall has a row of holes that open up for the seed to pour through – somewhat like a pepper from a pepper-pot.

poppy seeds coming out

So, I reflect on the huge number of seeds in poppy heads all around the world – only a tiny percentage actually make it into new plants.

Just think everyday – what potential we human beings have for doing good or bad things in the world. When we get up  each day – think of how many conversations we could have, thoughts we may think, tasks we could tackle….how many people we potentially could encounter

Sometimes I think its a miracle im here at all – that any of us are here for that matter. Is it all down to chance? or is there a divine plan which underlies all that happens and brings life in its all its infinite forms into being?  I rather think there must be…

A Zoroastrian prayer

All that we ought to have thought and have not thought;

All that we ought to have said and have not said;

All that we ought to have done and have not done;

All that we ought not to have thought and yet have thought;

All that we ought not to have spoken and yet have spoken;

All that we ought not to have done and yet have done;

For thoughts, words and works, pray we, O God, for forgiveness,

And repent with penance.

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