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Spotted on Church Times Blog

…with help from the church mouse….

(a blog done by Church Times cartoonist Dave Walker)

He flags up a survey of people’s religious interests who have a ” facebook” networking site:

95,400 people like ‘Christ’

90,860 people like ‘the Bible’

77,020 people like ‘Islam’

31,820 people like ‘praying’

24,440 people like ‘God’

15,740 people like ‘prayers’

8,860 people like ‘church’

6,560 people like ‘Christianity’

3,740 people like ‘confession’

1,820 people ‘going to church’

440 people like ‘Bible study’

240 people like ‘Anglican Communion’

So, a bit of a discrepancy between those who ” like Christ” and those who “like church….” …

Just watched a programme about celebs who went homeless on the streets of London.. part two tomorrow. Apart from the posh chap who quit, they all seem very genuine and utterly devastated by what they experienced. From someone who wouldnt last five minutes without basic comforts ( a sleep-over in church was enough for me a few weeks ago) I cant comprehend what it must be like to have no home. What a crazy world of mixed fortunes we live in.

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