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A Rosetti poem

Lord, purge our eyes to see

Within the seed, a tree,

Within the glowing egg a bird,

Within the shroud a butterfly.

Till, taught by such we see

Beyond all creatures, thee

And harken to thy tender word

And hear its “‘Fear not; it is I’


Christina Rossetti as painted by her brother Dante

Christina Rossetti ( 1830-1894) had many internal struggles but could see the promise inherent in all creation – ( echoes of my thoughts last night about the poppy seeds)

Its perhaps hardest for me to see this promise when I visit my mother’s nursing home where there are so many very frail elderly people, many with dimentia and many bed bound with little quality of life. I have to believe that one day all this will change for them in a way we just cannot comprehnd and that in these twilight days lies an inherent resurrection. My old Nanny Minnie used to say it was being ” Promoted To Glory” – being a Salvationist in her early days. That hope keeps me going every day into the home.  I know a lot of relatives dont go because its just too hard to bear. I do understand that. But I hope that if and when I ever get into that position of complete dependance upon other people for the simplest of tasks, there will be someone kind to visit me every day. But hey – Im only 21 and that should be a long way off!! Gotta live for the present and trust in God for the future.

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