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Murray Mints

murray mints

Eaten far too many of these naughty sweeties  today as I cut my way through  a heap of admin and then took flight into St Neots and beyond on various essential missions. I was still sucking away on them when I arrived at Diddington church and found a happy Dave D who has been working non stop in the church as the facility project progresses. Sadly, some of the pews seem to have THE BEETLE and will need treatment( along with the rest of the church)  sooner rather than later – but with a Murray Mint and a nice sunny afternoon even that didnt seem too bothersome.

Apparantly, the England Cricket Team in 2001 ( when they lost the ashes) used Murray Mints to aid their bowling attack that year:

“According to Marcus Trescothick, the opening batsman, England’s bowlers used the sugary saliva from sucking on the sweets to moisten the surface of the cricket ball, making it swing through the air. Trescothick was the go-to man when a gobbet of spittle was needed and always kept a packet of mints in the pocket of his whites for such occasions” S0 it says inTrescothick’s autobiography at any rate….

Wonder if they will be having some handy this year??

( Pause – cant get out of this italic font – sorry!)

Just a few of these buttery tasting beauties left when i settled down to watch Andy…… Murray play mint tennis.

andy big

If you watched any of his match against Ernests Gulbis you will know he played superb tennis and he’s looking good for a Wimbledon final. I am trying to be a very good person and come to terms with the fact that I shall be at St Albans Abbey for the Ordination service on July 4th when the men’s singles are being played — how selfless is that???

My mints have all gone now and before any of you comment that they are very bad for my teeth, I must say that I do know that and such a binge is very, very rare indeed. For someone who did ruin their teeth on sherbert lemons when I was growing up…. I do try to do the right thing now by the valiant survivors of the past. As Pam Ayres wrote in a poem ” I wished  Id looked after my teeth”

Its time to see my dear daughter Adele  tomorrow- bit of a while since we met up and Im really looking forward to it.

adele cropped

I think she might be taking me to pastures new – so if Im a bit quiet blogging for 24 hours dont worry, I havent succumbed to another bag of Murray mints!

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  1. Can I ask Paxtonvic; did Dozey, Beaky, Mick and Titch accompany Dave D or was he incognito?

    As I said a couple of weeks ago the best thing for any ‘Beetle in your Pews’ is to give them a microphone and invite them to take the Service; failing that, a bonfire.

    I must say that Trescothick’s account of his tacky sucking account of those minty lumps is enough to put anyone off them for life. I luv ’em.

    The Ayatollah’s packing me off to Norwich to see an Alan Bennett play ‘Habeas Corpus’I just love Bennett he’s so humanly appropriate I always think.
    Probably do a bit of a crawl around a few of those wonderful Norovician medieval buildings, while she looks for a new burkha in John Lewis & M&S.

    Comment by Wingy | June 26, 2009 | Reply

  2. yo Wingy – Dave D is always incognito…. he’s very shy you see. Hope you have enjoyed Norwich…

    Comment by paxtonvic | June 27, 2009 | Reply

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