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Well, it feels a bit like that after encountering some scarry rain on the A14 yesterday and onwards into Coventry. Not the most confident of drivers, I really had to concentrate to keep afloat as surface water can be hard to negotiate.  So, I had the radio on and most of the news was about Michael Jackson’s sad demise.  I remember when my duaghter  Adele used to play his music loads when she was young – I guess his music has meant a great deal to millions of people.  I hope he has found peace wherever he may now be.

It took me from 1.30pm to 5pm to reach  Adele’s home in Coventry  but it was great to arrive safe and sound – even if the desk I took for her was far too big to get up the stairs.

Always looking for a challenge, I took  one look at the kitchen, found the rubber gloves and set to work….

cleaning the kitchen

I wont go into detail, but it was much improved after I had finished with it.It was so nice to see where Adele is living and her loft extension hideaway is cool. We dismantled with brute force an old futon base and left it in the front garden for collection – and then it was time to get back onto the A45 and find the home of Adele’s boyfriend Jon and his mum and sister.

Many thanks, Debbie and family for looking after me so well last night after all that driving. The food was excellent ( I love fish) and I was fascinated to hear all about crystals and their healing properties. I took a fancy to a blue calcite stone which Debbie kindly gave me… I shall look after it carefully.

The plan was for me to join a peace day in Coventry, and although I set off following Debbie and her friend, once on the ring road, I lost them and ended up heading back towards Rugby. Maybe that was how it was meant to be – and since talking about colours and healing with Debbie, I had the colour green in my mind. Very soon I was surrounded by the most glorious trees at Ryton Organic Gardens near to Coventry which I could rave about for hours. If you ever get the chance of going – go!

Here are some piccies:

ryton gardens

green house at ryton

I want one!!!

woodland at ryton

The woodland area at Ryton

stone bench

Sat for ages on this stone bench and thought about all sorts of things. Realised how hard I find it to take time out and not feel guilty.

Returned  home via a church or two which I will tell you about tomorrow, but for now its bedtime as tomorrow is, yet again, Sunday!

And, another MINT performance by Murray – can he get much better???

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  1. Thank you for coming!!! – its a blessing to spend time with you, share laughter, loving memories and thoughts about this wonderful planet that we live on and its many awesome places to visit!.
    Adele is a beautiful soul and I can see where she inherited it from :0)
    I strongly believe that Nothing is disordered in life, but one can choose to think it is! To give unconditional love, compassion and empathy is a great gift indeed, but to receive it – especially from your self – is a discipline in itself!!! Reiki is the introduction to KaiAmea and I found its principle a prayer to myself!

    ‘Just for today do not worry
    Just for today do not anger
    Honour your parents, teachers and elders
    Earn your living honestly
    Show gratitude to everything’

    Choose not to feel guilty about time for your self, its personal god time. Enriching yourself at a cellular level, recharging and enjoying the moment can only make you a whole, happier person and it worked eh?!

    Shine your Light xXx

    Comment by Debbie | July 5, 2009 | Reply

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