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Advertsing works

I tend to ignore advertising on ITV but I guess sometimes it kind of gets under your skin when theres a jingle or repeated phrase. is one such advert which is all about getting us to log onto their web-site to compare prices for all sortsof insurance and money matters. So, as I had received a renewal for my house contents insurance from Tesco which did not please me, I tried this wondrous site at…. and it really is quite clever.

Apart from the ” what type of business is your employer” question being a bit tricky ( I went for charity) and is your accommodation owned etc -( they couldnt do ” tied” accommodation – ) it was very easy and I got a quote half of Tesco’s.

Which all goes to show if you shop around online you can get some good deals for all sorts of things… Now, I think someone from your firm should read this and give me some commission!

Have to be honest and say I dont do well in the heat – especially sleeping so im a bit low key grumpy at the moment. I sure couldnt live abroad where its even hotter. Was delighted with Andy Murray’s play today and even more pleased that the men’s  finals will be on sunday when I shall be here after all

willow fence at ryton

The cool willow fence at Ryton Organic  Gardens – wish I had been there today!

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