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Good Morning blog readers – another hot one on the way so for me at least I shall seek cool places.

Just come across a piece about new proposals to add a Corona onto Westminster Abbey’s  roof  which wouold cost in the region of  £10 Million.

I used to think corona was a type of fizzy pop my grandfather used to bring home for a treat – but I would be wrong in this istance. Here is a short extract from the Abbey web-site:

Westminster Abbey invites public comment on dramatic development plans

The Dean and Chapter of Westminster are considering a new addition to the roof of Westminster Abbey which will enhance London’s historic skyline and build on the work of Christopher Wren, Nicholas Hawksmoor and George Gilbert Scott.

The Dean of Westminster, the Very Reverend Dr John Hall, will announce on Monday 29th June 2009 an exhibition setting out the Abbey’s development plans and inviting public comment on its proposal to construct a corona, a crowning feature on the roof of the Abbey, in time to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of The Queen’s Coronation in June 2013.

The corona, an architectural feature in the shape of a crown, would replace the small plain pyramid roof on top of the Lantern, which was re-built in 1958 to repair war damage. Underneath, in the church itself, is the Crossing, the heart of the Abbey where monarchs have been crowned since 1066. Through the centuries the Abbey’s architects have put forward various schemes for this unfinished part of the Abbey but none have been realised.  No views have yet been taken about the form of a suitable design. That will be the subject of an architectural competition if, following public reaction, it is decided to go ahead……It is predicted that the cost of the education centre, the café and opening up the Triforium could be about £13 million. An estimate of the cost of the proposed corona, for which there is at present no design, is likely to be in the region of £10 million. These costs, if all these plans go ahead, will need to be met by fund raising.

Do you think that such a large sum of money should be spent on adding something to the building which isnt essential? Some will say that the  money should be spent on something else – but I bet that whilst some wealthy folk might donate to this project wthey wouldnt donate to a project to help homeless people or some other social cause. I’m personally not sure about this – what message does it gives out to the wider church about priorities in cash strapped times? – you can read all about the Abbey  and these proposals on their web-site.


Nice to chat with Michael my son last night – not surprisingly its pretty impossible teaching properly in London at the moment – and let’s not forget that in many European countires when its very hot the day begins early and everything stops after lunch whilst people rest. Well, maybe thats what lots of us are  doing at the moment and watching Wimbledon! Spare a thought for those who cant…

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