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I wasn’t going to scoop ( sorry  stoop)  down to this topic about ice-cream and Italian temptation, but now that the Church Times has run the story as well as the Guardian – who is paxtonvic to advoid this melt-down?


No, this isnt a shot behind the scenes in a local parish,  but a banned ad that was featured in Sainsbury’s magazine. The ice-cream in question is “Antonio Federici Gelato”  Italian ice-cream  ( give me a good old Walls slab of vanilla and two wafers  anytime) which presumably Sainsburys sells – but the ASA (Advertising Standards Agency) have banned it as ten people found it offensive with the words ” Kiss Temptation” beneath the priest. As if priests have ever had anything to do with temptation or ice-cream!  Antonio Federici has apologised if he has caused anyone to take offence – and presumably he will have to think up another ad for his fancy sounding desert. Do you think this was offensive or were ten people being a bit over senstive?

Church Times also carries the proposals to build a corona on the top of Westminster Abbey ( as reported by Paxton vic earlier in the week.)You can vote as to whether you think its a good  idea on:

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