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Some you win, some you loose

Havent quite finished with the Wimbledon theme for 2009…. came across the picture which I will take to school assembly at Great Paxton this afternoon – to talk about winning and loosing…

roddick defeat

A triumphant Fedderer and deflated Roddick.

Im sure we have all won and lost in the past in all sorts of ways – and we all know that the taking part is the important bit and being a good looser if we loose and a humble winner if  fortune treats us well.

Sometimes things just dont work out as we would like them to – and the Gospel reading yesterday – Mark  6 v 1-13 remided us of the time when Jesus faced rejection from his own kin in Nazareth and indeed in his home town could hardly perform any miracles at all there. The resistance he met with seemed to block his power.

Its the time of year as well for a lot of young people as they await the results of major exams. Its very hard not to see a failed exam or low marks as failure. But, again, all we can do is to try our best…

If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two impostors just the same;

Great words from Kipling in his poem ” If”.

I reckon some clergy get plagued with the fear of failure or feel guilty if they feel they arent coming up ” with the goods” – higher attendances, Fresh Expressions, healthy church finances etc  The new clergy discipline measure and concept of clergy “capability” may add to the insecurities some clergy feel as to whether  they are good enough. Ive just spent part of the morning involved with Peformance Management at one of our schools – and the process of monitoring headteachers performance  is far more demanding and complicated than anything a vicar has to go through. Maybe we should be prepared to have our performance monitored more – maybe not? Anyone got any views?

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