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Is there a war going on? War-like language is at the forefront  of some articles this week.

” Conservatives prepare to fight for the ” soul of the nation” – a summary of the  “New Reformation”  which the Fellowship of Confessing Anglicans (FCA) hope to be initiating. And, I really thought someone on twitter had got it wrong , but the Bishop of Fulham really did say that ” I now believe that Satan is alive and resides in church house” .

They are very confident that they have got it all right: The Presiding Bishop of the Southern Cone rebutted criticism that the FCA was a schismatic Group ” We  have not set up an alternative denomination… We’re the original ” McCoy” Anglicans.”

Modest with it, too.

Meanwhile, with the Church Times comes the Alpha newspaper page 4 quotes The Bishop of London ( regarding Alpha) ” May this be an engine for claiming the world for Christ” .  It all makes me want to run away ( or would it be runing away?)  and be a prison visitor or someone who spends time with the forgotten elderly in care homes. Agressive macho Christianity aint my thing I’m afraid, and please God may there be a room for a gentle soul who doesnt want to convert the world or claim I’ve got all the truth.

Thankfully page one offers a write up about a book which the London City Mission has publised ” Fun with a Purpose” about how to improve the lives of people in care homes.

” The death certificate of an old person from a care home could just as well read ” Died of  boredom”  the author of the new book claims – he is so right there in my experience. The book sets out to make all sorts of creative suggestions about games and activites which the very elderly might like to engage with…… super stuff – its just that you need someone to do the activities with them – and care homes vary a lot on what time the social organiser person has. Heres a role for church folk indeed – far better  than trying to claim the world for Christ big time and knocking all the other faiths down in the process.  The article finishes ” With this whole generation on the brink of eternity, I cannot think of a ministry closer to God’s heart than this one” .  Great stuff.

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