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General Synod

is meeting today in York… I’m smiling at twitters that are coming through live as the proceedings continue… cant find any from any  bishops yet… imagine if there had been twittering going on when Jesus rose from the dead!! Well, there was twittering of course, but not the sort I mean!

Among the topics up for debate are proposals to cut the number of senior staff in Dioceses due to increasing financial problems leading from the  fall in investment return…

” The Rev John Hartley will, on behalf of the Bradford diocesan synod, ask the General Synod at its meeting at York University in mid-July to “formulate proposals for reductions in the numbers of episcopal and senior clergy posts”.

If passed, a report with recommended number of cuts in bishops will come back to the Synod for approval in three years” – quote from Times Online


Paxtonvic says that with the increase of the number of different lay ministries, the invaluable support from retired priests – many of whom are thankfully well enough to give many years of fruitful ministry and the extra workloads what parish priests need to tackle – all of these need the support of senior staff who are free from parochial duties. And no, I dont think the rural deans can take on the role of suffragan bishops…as one person has suggested.

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  1. Sorry I do not agree, and I suspect from comments I have received do most people in the pews.

    There are too many Bishops and too many dioceses, we need to start now as the only sensible way to implement is wehn Bishoprics become vacant.

    How abou doing away with the sffragn of Huntingdon and makeing him the new Bishop of Ely as a start.


    Comment by Peter Hagger | July 10, 2009 | Reply

  2. Thanks for commenting, Peter.

    I think that as long as I have been in ministry, people have complained to me that the ” top tier of management” is too top heavy. From going to more meetings now as RD, I have become aware of how much the Bishops and Archdeacons have to do – a lot of it unbeknown to most of us as it is confidential. And I do think that the army of ministers lay and ordained need to be fully supported in the many extra jobs they are having to do now. But arguably, I do think there could be some slimming down and savings such as axing the clergy conference would save some thousands of pounds. These are very tough times financially for the church and some tough decisions will have to be made – if senior posts are cut I do hope that remains an adequate support structure for the men and women on the ground.

    Comment by paxtonvic | July 10, 2009 | Reply

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