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Wind power

Here is a splendid windmill which I came across on my circuitous route home from St Albans last Sunday… it is called Cromer windmill ( not the Cromer in Norfolk) – it is Hertforshire’s sole-surviving post-mill.

cromer windmill

Here is a little bit  about it:

“The large wooden body of the mill is balanced on a huge main post over 18ft high, around which it turns to allow the four shuttered sails to face into the wind. The main post is supported by a collection of timbers known as the trestle, protected from the weather by an octagonal brick roundhouse. The trestle comprise two horizontal crosstrees and four sloping quarter bars which together convey the weight of the mill onto four brick piers.

The body or buck of the mill contains all the corn-grinding machinery. It is reached by a ladder at the rear, above which is mounted the eight-bladed fantail which is geared to automatically turn the buck so that the sails face into the wind. The fantail turns two truck wheels at the bottom of the ladder which run on a track encircling the mill”

For those who get in whirl about windmills – you can read lots more fascinating building

I love the image of the windmill stretching out its sails to the wind and being energised by it …. lik opening up our arms to God and letting him/her energise us and stir us into life.

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