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Swine ‘flu – taking it seriously but keeping it in perspective….

I haven’t mentioned Swine Flu’ on Paxtonvic before and Im certainly not getting all worked up about it now, although it does seem to have arrived in the PE19 part of the world. Some folk I have spoken to feel that we should treat it as we would any ‘flu outbreak- get on with life, take sensible precautions and dont panic. Every year sadly a  relatively few people do die of the illness but swine ‘flu doesnt seem to be any more virulant at the  moment than other past strains.

Whether clergy and PCC’s need to take some precautions  when administering the Eucharist and exchanging the peace  Im not too sure yet – we are awaiting some guidelines from Ely Diocese this week and it will then be up to each church to decide what they feel most comfortable with. But the simple message of staying away from gatherings if you feel ill and suspect you may have  the virus  seems admirable.

Scientists have snapped the first ever portrait of H1N1: here it is just to cheer you up!swine flu virus

And now, and please dont think Im being flippant,  here is the ” take” on the epidemic from the wicked satirical web-site ” Ship of Fools” – they have given thought as to how clergy should protect themselves – I hope its available in liturgical colours…..

swine flu dress

The Church of England has announced  that following its introduction of special swine flu prayers, new clergy vestments are now available in case of a further outbreak of the deadly virus.

The discreet vestment  make it possible for church life to go on absolutely as normal. Each clergy suit is hermetically sealed to provide 8 hours of total biological protection from parishioners, visitors, Alpha group leaders, the organist, fellow clergy and other noxious hazards.

“I don’t know why the Archbishop hasn’t issued them before now – they would have been a life saver during after-church coffee,” said Revd Ian Fluenza, who donned his new vestments as soon as he received them, and is said to be sleeping in them.

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