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The Church of England alive and well in Ely

Great to spend part of the day at Ely Methodists Church where a big gathering of men and women soon to be made Authorised Lay Ministers in the Diocese met with their incumbents and leaders of their training course. They have been undertaking  a series of modules over the past year and have specialised in areas of ministry which particularly interest them and which they feel called to – whether it be pastoral care, leading worship, evangelism, music etc. There were 69 ( or was it 79) men and women who will be made ALM’s in September at the Cathedral in Ely and well done to them. They will all make a huge contribution to the life of their churches.

The first morning session had us doing one of those group exercises which at first can seem a bit tedious but which actually can teach you something – this time about teams working together. We had to make, in our team, a model out of newspapers, straws and marsh mallows – and the highest and strongest won a prize!

model 2

Believe it or not it lead into a discuusion about how people work togther to produce results…

model 3

It was good to go and especailly support Nick from Little Paxton who will be joining the other 68 ( 78?) at the cathedral for his authorisation as a worship leader. Here he is giving a little prayer reflection at the end of the morning session:

nick And the cross is all Nick’s handiwork – the idea was that all those present would write a prayer and stick it onto the cross for the service at the end of the day.

I had to leave at lunchtime cos I wanted to catch a bit of Paxfest ( the village fete) and also meet with a group of church architecture buffs from London who were visiting our three churches. Lovely to see their enthusiasm and share with them our buildings. Why did they think I was toilet mad???

Long day – off to get some sleep before John the Baptist is beheaded tomorrow… not a nice reading and I wont major on it for too long!

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