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‘ Flu’ prevention – get eating garlic and nuts

Well, instead of worrying about this virus, let’s all boast our immune systems so that if it does come our way we shall be in better  condition  to deal with it.

So says Times online – and the BEST thing we can ingest is garlic:

The super nutrient “allicin”, formed when raw garlic is crushed or chewed, appears to help to block the ability of viruses to invade and damage tissues. If you can bear it, chewing a raw clove a day may help your immunity.

Research from the University of North Carolina suggests that a general protection against influenza viruses is offered by the mineral selenium. Three Brazil nuts a day will meet your daily needs.

So, if we eat plenty of raw garlic, not only will it boost our immunity, it should surely keep others at a distance quite effectively…..


I shall be keeping some raw garlic and brazil nuts handy now whenever I go out – no need thank goodness for that orange protective suit….

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