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Synod and prayers for a term’s end

Deanery  Synod tonight and I hope I did a fair job at keeping the mood light yet focused on the business. By 9.15pm I think we had all had enough especially  as we had to take a look at finance on a Diocsean, Deanery and Parish level. In the end the figures were sort of swimming around somewhere in my consciousness – its very clever people who understand them completely! Pension crisis in the C of E at present – but too late now to explain it!

I  do believe that parish finance shouldnt be something that treasurers and a finance committe only  are involved with, but that clergy should provide some theological background to giving and also be prepared to get involved with funding programmes and fund raising to some extent. I once read that writing out a cheque is a theological statement – what we do with our money can and should have a faith perspective.

End of term service tomorrow for our local C of E school: Im grateful to the Culham Institute for this suggested prayer/reflection  for such an occasion:

Prayer / reflection:

Prepare a focus table covered in a green cloth, with three large candles.

Build a small cairn (pile of stones) in a central place for all to see – this could be on your focus table. Gather more small stones or pebbles into a basket (one for each child who is moving on).

Invite three of the leavers to light the candles on the focus table as you read these words.

(Light candle one…)

‘Lay down what is past
and look to the future.’

(Light candle two…)

‘Reach out
to share the lives of others
and touch a wider world.’

(Light candle three…)

‘Be at peace
and care for one another.’

Play music (e.g.’Gaelic Blessing’ from ‘The John Rutter Collection’, The Cambridge Singers, Universal Classics, Catalogue Number: 4726222.) as the children who are moving on collect a stone from the basket and place it on the cairn before they leave the worship area.

So tired cant keep the old eyelids open – sleep well blog readers

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  1. Yo Paxtonvic;
    as you rightly say it is imperative that as many people as possible understand the workings of money and Ministry Share to boot.
    We too have just had a Deanery Synod; yours truly tried to explain Diocesan finance in single sillable words. I was amazed afterwards at how many of the assembled company seemed to have a better grasp of our commitments than I have ever witnessed before.
    None of us are conversant with Ballance Sheets et al.
    The simpler the better and if possible in terms we all understand…..
    ie. “If I go to the shop (Diocesan Finance Cttee) with 6d. to buy 12 of the lovely Mr. Lavis’s half penny chews and when I get there they’ve gone up to a penny farthing, then Mr. L will say to me; “Wingy not today, you need to go away and perloyne more Corona bottles from Mrs. Boozalot to get more deposits.” “You can only have 8 penny chews today”.
    Its as simple as that we can only have what we can afford, so dig deep and be money efficient Gift Aid it.

    Comment by Wingy | July 16, 2009 | Reply

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