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St Swithin gets it right so far- floods and fears

I think it has rained every day since last Wednesday ( well, thats only Thursday and today so far ) and maybe this year the old tale  will be right as far as the Paxtons go:  If it rains on Swithin’s day ( July  15th  – it will rain for the next 40 days.)

We seem to have had several days rain here all in one go – and the drains in some of our roads have found it too much to cope with – they seized up and made very large pools of water. Some freakish hail stones as well that piled  up and looked like snow by the grass verges.

wtare in parkdrive

more rain water

It is fascinating to see how different drivers tackle these watery roads. Some go for it and drive through rather quickly and make big waves and others, like me, go slow and make a ripple effect.

Over the last few days those of us who have listened to the media have heard how swine ‘flu is spreading rapidly ( though not in some parts – in Northumberland its relatively scare) Some people may be feeling that the virus is a huge  overwhelming  threat and fear sets in.  The Church of England has  been issuing measured statements about how church people need to take  great  care with hygiene when coming  together  for worship and  suggestions about how parishioners may be helped if the pandemic hits their area. At the moment, most Dioceses are giving their parishes choices as to how best procede with issues like using a common cup ( chalice) at Holy Communion and sharing the peace.  It has been interesting to read that :

“The administration of Holy Communion in the Church of England is principally governed by section 8 of the Sacrament Act 1547, which provides that ‘…  the … most blessed Sacrament be hereafter commonly delivered and ministered unto the people … under both the kinds, that is to say of bread and wine, except necessity otherwise require … ’  It is thought that the permission for administration of the sacrament in one kind only in cases of necessity was included because communicants were unwilling to drink from a common cup in times of plague” ( From Ely Diocesan guidelines)

Whether the situation will deteriorate to the point that there is an Archbishops’ directive to cease distributing the wine at communion we shall have to wait and see – but it is a currently up to parishes in their own particular circumstances to make an informed choice.

It is easy, especially if we are tired or stressed, to maybe worry too much H1N1 . Most people are only mildly poorly with the virus and recover very quickly. But the church, as not least carers in the community, might well find they have new role in supporting those who are struggling both with the fear of the illness and the illness itself.

And if we have to go without worship for a bit ( and I really hope that doesnt happen) Im sure there will be enough blog sermons around to keep us going! Thats as long as our computers stay clear of viruses!

hsbc water

Waters lapping round my bank in St Neots.

Michael coming to see his mum later – yay!

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