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Lazy day at the vicarage

vic sign

Dont have many of those so its rather nice.

Here is what one semi-rural vicar has done today thus  far ( maybe its not that lazy)

* wrote a short sermon for tomorrow including explaining the decision of  PCC to cease using the chalice for the time being. The Gospel portrays a busy Jesus and disciples being persued by crowds despite trying to have a day off- and doing healings none the less.

* long chat with fellow vicar about swine ‘flu guidelines – it was good to talk

*washed out a load of plastic flower pots that had been lingering unloved down the side entrance. They are now squeeky clean ready for any new seed planting.  Threw  out a load of rubbish – its so therapeutic.

* Tried to get visiting son to so something… well anything , but malise has set in. Long term teaching means rest is needed.

*Been to shops and bought washing powder – now loads of clothes enjoying life blowing  in the wind. It’s so wholesome!

* Prunned lots of shrubs including the one that likes butterflies I cant spell ((bud-lay-a) you know what I mean. Had the back gate open and love the sense of the land stretching out onto the nature reserve all wild and free.

* Sat on the lounger and ate toast listening to the cricket commentary on LW – the old boy called Henry who does the commentary has a wonderful  “English” voice – nearly as good as John Arlott – blessed be his name. England wickets falling again.

* Read a bit of Church Times – yet more articles about Gay Bishops etc etc and the Episcopalian church in the USA maybe relaxing their moratorium on ordaining such.  This will raise the blood pressure of our conservative evangelical brothers and sisters.  If there is a devil in person, it/he/she  must be loving all this distraction.

* Glad to see that ” The Church Mouse” blog had had a recommendation for good work in a blog/web-site competition as reported in Church Times – well done Mouse – keep up the blogging. Being very small, he does get to see a lot of things going on.

Now I must take son to see me old mum – we’ve been going for the past hour….hope you are all having a good day.

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