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Bitten off more than I could chew – the very very long saga of Ann Izzard

Thought by way of relaxation, I would delve again into the tale of Ann Izzard from Great paxton who it was thought, by certain mob like residents in the village  in 1808 , to be a witch. The curate Rev Isaac Nicholson, stood up for the poor woman and her husband who  both had been very  badly assaulted by villagers and said there was no such thing as witchcraft. We have his sermon notes from the day when he tried to stop people being cruel to her – but she was never left alone, even when she moved out of the village to  St Neots’. A sad tale of superstition and how somoene in those days could be scapegoated if they looked different and perhaps were slightly eccentric. Anway, there is a lot more to the story than those few words and I think I shall treat myself to some play time this week and put more of the story onto the Great Paxton blog.

Had a nice stroll earlier round the open land at the back and enjoyed these logs which I think belong to moi.

tree stumps

Cut down wood – rich with potential as fire wood and waiting to be put into the dry for winter warmth. A job for another day.

More hail stones  attacking the car roof. Car has developed a fault so says an orange light that wont go out – so its down to the garage in the morning.

Sleep Tight says paxtonvic

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