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yellow budleia

Buddleia x   weyeriana ” Sungold” – Golden Yellow Flowered Butterfly Bush.
Just showing off with the Latin name.

This plant which is flowering vigourously in the back garden came from a cutting I took when on holiday in Guernsey c 1994. I remember wrapping it up carefully in a damp tissue and getting it back safely. It rooted and from it have come plants I’ve had at Coventry, Hicnkley, Sheepy Magna and now at Little Paxton. The DNA from that plant in Guernsey is still going strong and if I felt so inclined  I could make hundreds of cuttings from it.

It was lovely today to take a baptism service at which baby Millie had two great-grandmothers present and one great-grandfather. It is increasingly the case as we are all living longer that four generations are present at baptisms. Before the service, one of the great-granddmothers gave me a picture  of  Millie’s  mum being  baptised 28 years ago at the same church – and by the venerable priest at the time – George who is pictured in the last blog. Small world.

I heard on the news this week that a quarter of all children being born now will live to be 100- an amazing statistic which certainly is not the case in the poorer parts of the world. In Afghanistan life expectancy  is 44 years of age for men and women. Inequality at its starkest.  In this country and much of the western world, as life expectancy increases, there will be more very elderly people with the issues that raises  for their care. And many families where there are great-great-grandparents in the family network.

Here is a thre generation span

mum and mike - july 18th 09

My mum and my son – I would be in between but I was taking the picture.!It seems like only yesterday that mum was feeding Michael and doing all the things that grandmas do – now she is very dependant on other people doing things for her.

Lots of thought needs to go into how the burgeoning elderly population are going to be cared for so that they have far more than just a life sitting and doing nothing. And Im probably thinking about myself as much as anything! Hopefully I can still always blog – just imagine it!! Or maybe not…

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